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Bayer Family Estate

Wine Club Release

Date: Sat, Feb 27, 2021
Time 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Venue: 11663 Agate Road Eagle Point Oregon 97524
Contact: Bayer Family Estate
Phone: 541-826-8953
Email: info@bayerfamilyestate.com

February Wine Release

2020 presented many pandemic-related challenges to our winery business, but we adapted as best as we could.  We are eternally thankful for our Club Members who came through for us with their strong and loyal support of our wines throughout the year.  

Due to our current restrictions and limited capacity, we will continue to give you an additional 5% discount on your club wines and our Wine Club Pick-up will be a drive thru as it has been in the past. Our Tasting Room is currently open for Tastings accommodating up to 50 guests on a good weather day and up to 32 guests on a rainy day. Tables are first come first serve and are limited to no more than 6 guests.

In This Release:

Due to the amount of time we have all been spending at home, do you find yourself binge watching movies or a TV series? Below are some movie pairing suggestions directly from our family.


2018 Chardonnay: The lighthearted nature with a background of fruitiness makes this wine the perfect pairing to a romantic comedy. We choose When Harry Met Sally.

2017 Rosé: Steel Magnolias epitomizes the bond of female friendship. Mothers share the film with their daughters, teen girls turn to it as a sleepover staple, and men of all ages find themselves taken with the tale of six brassy Southern ladies, which is why we love to pair this movie with our "never to sweet" Rosé.

2017 Nebbiolo: Translucent in color and delicate on the nose, you sure are in for an unexpected twist with our Nebbiolo's robust tannins and striking flavors. This wine pairs perfectly with Gone Girl. The psychological thriller, like our Nebbiolo, lingers with you for a long time

2015 Barbera: Our Barbera is easy-drinking and food friendly. Pair a glass or two with the movie Chef to reignite your passion for cooking -- as well as your zest for life and love as Chef Carl and his family do in this comical film.

2015 Zinfandel: If you have yet to see A Star is Born, then be prepared for a movie that has everything  --  romance, drama, suspense and even comedy. This film, like our Zinfandel, is rich and full bodied and deeply complex.  

2015 Barrel Select Dolcetto: This wine is the cabernet sauvignon lover’s Dolcetto  --  but with loads of Italian charm. Well structured and complex from the additional aging in American Oak barrels this wine pairs perfectly with the classic organized crime film, Goodfellas.



In anticipation of Spring, we will be offering a Drive Thru special on February 27th only. Come pick up current and/or past club releases to take advantage of our one day only flash sale (special will not be announced until February 27th)***

***Shipping and out of State members, please check your wine shipments for a special treat!