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Bayer Family Estate

Bayer Family Estate
June 27, 2023 | Bayer Family Estate

Exploring The Wines Of The Rogue Valley by Forbes

Bayer Family Estate and Pheasantbrook Vineyards featured: 

The Rogue Valley AVA was established in 1991 and covers 1.14 million acres, 4,860 of which have vineyards. The Applegate Valley is an AVA largely within the Rogue Valley AVA. Both AVAs are included within the larger southern Oregon AVA.

The region is 225-miles south of Portland and 55 miles from the Pacific Ocean It extends to the California border. This is the driest and warmest of southern Oregon’s wine producing regions, with many areas exhibiting a Mediterranean like climate. The cooler western areas have more maritime influences. The Medford-Ashland area has a Bordeaux like climate.

The region includes the drainages of the Rogue River and its three principal tributaries, the Illinois and Applegate rivers and Bear Creek. There are 88 vineyards, 33 wineries and 37 tasting rooms in the region, most of which are found along the Rogue or on one of its three tributaries.

Read the full article: www.forbes.com/sites/joemicallef/2019/07/14/exploring-the-wines-of-southern-oregon-the-rogue-valley/?sh=59f09bc0174b 


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